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Answered Prayers in a hospital [June 16],

June 16, 2017 
It’s Friday!

 For a lot of you it’s celebrating the end of your work week but, for us it’s chemo day! We are also getting a chest X-ray to check on the demise of Shonda. There’s a small possibility of being able to stop the steroids and go home a week early if the X-ray is all clear. If not, we’ll be here through next Friday. I was reminded last night just how much we’ve been shown through faith and not sight in the last 4 weeks. I decided to make a list of the prayers God has answered obviously and visibly to remind myself of all the good that’s happening. 

Prayer: The steroids to work and shrink the tumor enough to get us out of the ICU and onto the oncology floor. 

Answer: Tumor shrank by almost 50% in 48 hours and we left ICU.

Prayer: Her kidneys to handle the large doses of steroids.

Answer: She was taken off of kidney medicine the next day because they were fine. 

Prayer: The cancer to not be anywhere else in her body.


Prayer: The best possible outcome of her treatment. 

Answer: Her prognosis is the best possible outcome. 

Prayer: Easing of stomach cramps and constipation. 

Answer: Has had neither issue since this prayer. 

Prayer: Little to no reaction to chemo. 

Answer: Her only reactions have been diaper rash and being tired. 

Prayer: Shonda to keep shrinking. 

Answer: She’s shrinking, be patient.

Prayer: Going home. 

Answer: Not yet. But here’s the Ronald McDonald house to bless you while you wait. 
The answer isn’t always yes. Sometimes it’s not yet. I’m learning to say thank you in the waiting. I can’t wait to add more answers to my list! 
Prayers for today: 

1. Praise God for all of the answered prayers! 

2. Chemo today- ZERO side effects. 

3. X-ray to be CLEAR OF SHONDA! 

4. Peace for Sophie. X-rays scare her and she has to get her bandages changed today and that hurts. 

5. Sophie to continue to have ‘unusually’ high blood counts and ‘unusually’ few side effects. 
#BTHOshonda #SophieTheBrave #GodisBIGGER #LymphomaSucks


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