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Thoughts that ramble, an Introduction

I’ve been told I am a rambler.

My husband and sister have often stopped me during a 10 minute story to ask when I’m getting to the point. I figured that as an admitted rambler, it’s time I started writing my ramblings down. I’ve always enjoyed writing, don’t know if I’m any good to anyone though so, here goes…

If you never get anything else about me, the single most important thing, the defining aspect of my personality is that I am saved by Jesus Christ who died for my sins. At 12 years old, I asked Him to come live in my heart and help guide me along the right path in this life. Since then, I have not always been on that path and I’m sure that as a Father, he’d liked to have taken me over his knee and whipped me for my behavior and disobedience. Every time I came running back, however, He welcomed me with the love and grace I wish I could show everyone in this life. I traveled to Africa in 2013 and while there I talked with many villagers and children about Jesus and how He was baptized. Upon returning to the states, I decided that I needed to make that public show of my trust in Him and got baptized myself by getting dunked like Jesus did. I grew up Methodist and when I got saved I just got sprinkled with water on my head. I’m not knocking that method, I just decided that for my personal walk with Jesus, that I wanted to be baptized like He was!

Like I said, rambling…..

Other things about me, I was born and raised in East Texas to the best parents in the world. Sure, our childhood was not perfect, who’s is really? We always had food, presents at holidays, and LOVE. They showed me that having a sense of humor in marriage is one of the most important aspects of a marriage. Taking life too seriously has never been a problem in my household. In fact one of my dad’s vows to my mom in their Vegas wedding, in front of a club-footed, deep-voiced woman named Billy (No joke) was that he promised there would “never be a dull moment.” Now, after almost 28 years of marriage, I can say as a witness that he has lived up to that vow time and time again. Dad is the most insane, hilarious person I know. He’s constantly picking on us, making jokes, playing tricks…you name it he does it. He’s also a deep thinker and very caring when he let’s the silly side down. Mom is pretty much the most patient person I know. She puts up with my dad’s (and sibling’s) antics but still has her own sense of humor. And to say that she’d do anything for her children and those that she sees as her ‘adopted’ children, is an understatement.

I’m married to my best friend and the very person The Lord put on this Earth for me, Jonat11061185_10152730139606981_4295777335370101717_nhan. We’ve been married for 3 and a half years and are still learning how to do this married thing well. We met in 2010 and right off the bat I knew he was someone I could see myself with forever. It took him a little longer to figure that out. We dated for almost 2 years before he popped the big question. We were engaged for about 6 months then on July 20, 2012 we became family. Our marriage has never and will never be perfect but, we strive to show each other respect and love every single day. We’ve gone through financial troubles, a miscarriage, a difficult pregnancy, and finally on March 19, 2015, we were blessed with our Sophie Kay. She is the very best pieces of both of us put together and is proof of God here on Earth for me. She’s our miracle and she’s what inspires me to live each day to the very best of my ability and ps, that’s not easy. Being a mom is HARD but so worth it.

I am the oldest of 3 children. Jacy, my sister is 23 and the 6 foot baby, Bonner is 19. I love them both equally but in totally different ways! Jacy has always been my very best friend. We are 3 years and 11 months apart and in every sense I have always felt like Mama Bear. She was a premi and almost died at 3 months old. I was always holding, bathing, feeding, changing, cuddling, cleaning…you name it I did it at the ripe old age of 4. Not because our mom didn’t do those things, but because I wanted to take care of ‘my baby.’ As she’s gotten older that hasn’t changed much.  She’s had health issues and has felt like a burden to everyone for the last two years.  I keep trying to tell her that we don’t mind and that helping her in any way is what family is for…but that’s another post all together. (As I said…rambler.) Then there’s my little boo. Bonner, the brother I SO desperately wanted. I knew I loved my sister but I wanted to see what the other kind was like. Jacy felt differently and well…still does. lol Where Jacy and I have hardly ever fought, Jacy and Bonner…oh dear Lord. She credits herself for toughening him up for middle school and high school and honestly, she’s probably right. They used to fight so much! Once again, I was Mama Bear but, Bonner was always a Mama’s Baby and wouldn’t really let anyone other than Mom do much with him. As he’s gotten older though, we’ve become more like the friends Jacy and I are. I’m happy for that. Both of my siblings are incredibly smart, caring, and wonderful people. They’ve both also said yes to the Lord and are becoming the most amazing Christian young adults. I couldn’t be more proud to be their sister.

Photo Credit: Jacy Watson Photography


So that’s part of me. There’s a thousand other things I could, well, ramble on about (my job, friends, trips, goals, bla bla bla) but, those will all become more rambling posts in the future I am sure. My goal with this blog is to just share myself, my thoughts, and how I live this imperfect life on Earth. I may not be any good at it and no one may ever read this except for me and that’s ok. If you are reading this and you made it through my ramblings until the end, thank you! I hope that my experiences are things others can relate to, laugh at, or find encouragement from. For now, the most important relationships are out there for the world…or just me…to read about.


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