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A sick baby and ‘Mom Guilt’

I’m sitting on my couch, with the baby monitor next to me, listening to the raspy, wheezing breaths of my (almost) 10 month old daughter as she sleeps. She has an upper respiratory infection, fever, and an ear infection. This week, being a working mom has been harder than normal. The fever hit Sunday night. 101.2.… Continue reading A sick baby and ‘Mom Guilt’

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Thoughts that ramble, an Introduction

I’ve been told I am a rambler. My husband and sister have often stopped me during a 10 minute story to ask when I’m getting to the point. I figured that as an admitted rambler, it’s time I started writing my ramblings down. I’ve always enjoyed writing, don’t know if I’m any good to anyone… Continue reading Thoughts that ramble, an Introduction